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A Complete Guide to Backlinks – How Backlinks Impact SEO and Increase Website Traffic

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A Complete Guide to Backlinks – How Backlinks Impact SEO and Increase Website Traffic


What Is Link Building & Why Is It Important?

The landscape of Link Building and Search Engine Optimisation at large is ever-changing. In 2019, link building has become one of the quintessential tasks to rank higher and achieve more revenue digitally.
Below we have compiled a guide to help you thrive digitally, create and get a backlink from the online community, and increase traffic for achieving more revenue.

Why is link building important?

Start of link tag: The beginning of the link is called anchor tag, also denoted as ‘a’. It informs the search engines better with the link destination.
Link referral location: The ‘href’ stands for hyperlink referral, followed by a link in the double quote where it will redirect. This could be a link outside or within your website. It doesn’t always have to be a URL; it can also be a file to download.
Anchor text of link: This is the visible part of the link, which the user can see. It is generally a clickable link that is blue colored and underlined to make the user understand that the link is clickable. This is also the title of your URL.
Closure of link tag: This mark is used at the end of the link tag.
Increase traffic of the website and How to get backlinks

How to Find High-Quality Links

Before we dig deep into the link building strategy, it is essential to understand why link building is necessary. When it comes to building backlinks, you just can’t sit back and expect that people will backlink to your content.
If you take a shortcut approach of link building and use bots or spam your link, Google is going to penalize your website. You need to understand which websites are worth getting a backlink from and what can it do for your website.

Authority of the Page

It is always recommended to check the Domain Authority (DA) of the page and understand that, Will this website backlink benefit and impact your rankings? The authority of the page linking matters a lot more than you think. That’s simply because high domain authority of pages provides higher authority, which is also known as PageRank. PageRank is the ultimate foundation of Google’s algorithm, and you can always check an indicator of PageRank known as page rating using Ahrefs tools.

Impact of high authority pages

The link quality is considered by the domain’s sitewide authority rather than the page authority. That is the single reason why news websites like Wall Street Journal, Times magazine, or the TechCrunch have a much bigger impact on website backlinks compared from a No Name News website. While these parameters are constantly evolving in Google’s algorithm, you can always check your website’s domain authority as well as your partner’s domain authority on Neil Patel’s UberSuggest.

Relevancy of the Site

Backlinks from irrelevant websites will do no good to your website. For example, if you are running or website about Dentists in California and you are getting backlinks from authoritative sites about Real estate in Dubai, it won’t be considered a valuable link. The relevancy of the site category and theme matters a lot in the new PageRank algorithm.

Getting links from authority sites that are in the same business domain or are related can be helpful and will be considered as a valid link. So, in case of the dentist’s website, if you’re getting links from pharmaceuticals companies, chemists, or even ice cream companies, it would be considered as a valid link.

Optimize Your Content for Backlinks

Before you start creating content and seek several backlinks from high domain authority and quality websites, it’s essential to understand that your website’s content and branding matter a lot. Each new visitor on your site is a unique opportunity for your business. The content on your website is a selling copy of your product and services. It requires a purpose and a tone in your website content to communicate your offerings proactively. The entire website content should be aligned with the following things:

  • Targeting to your primary, secondary consumer persons
  • Understanding the problems your customers face in day-to-day life and how you intend to solve them
  • Business sections for partners and vendors
  • Easy to use and relevant Call To Action (CTA) buttons
  • Contact page or a live chat for any consumer queries

Create High-Quality Content

Content creation is one of the most vital aspects of a business. Content should be laser-focused on your target audience and should be consistent across all your digital platforms. It could be a website, mobile application, affiliate websites, blogs, and more. To rank your website and get definite backlinks, all your web pages should have a meta title, meta descriptions, and tags in place. Also, your articles should consist of high-quality factors like:

  • Lengthy, in-depth content blogs and articles (1,200 words+)
  • Readability, Correct Grammar and Vocabulary and Non-Plagiarized Content
  • A meta description is must (content summary in less than 75 words)
  • High-quality links
  • Social sharing buttons
  • No broken links or 404 Pages
  • Content and website should be mobile-friendly
  • Internal Links – Linking back to your own content
  • Call-to-Actions (CTAs) on your website
  • A variety of relevant keywords
  • High-quality images (with alt text)
  • Use recommended blogs for interlinking
  • Up to date content

Consistency is the key

Consistency is required in all business fronts, to take your business to the next level. The same goes for creating company content, which is an online brochure for your audience. Once your website has a community around its content, you will get the real results of being consistent.
Ideally, content should be published weekly across the website and social media channels to see a constant spike in traffic and allure new visitors to the site. New content will also unlock new business opportunities, interactions with new people, and help your website to rank better.

The shareability factor

If your content is not being shared on social platforms, your content must be missing something. Good content always gets shared, gets high-quality links, and helps to boost your domain authority with time. You can experiment with a lot of themes and formats of content which invoke different emotions in your audience base.
The most popular type of content is a ‘listicle’ which generally goes viral, followed by videos that have seen a tremendous consumption in 2018-19, followed by ‘how-to’ articles. Infographics are also highly shareable and get many clicks on social bookmarking websites like Pinterest.

Optimize for The Right Keywords

You just can’t go wrong when it comes to Keywords. The success of your organic traffic depends on how well you perform keyword research. Discovering the right keywords, understanding the competition, and ranking your content against those keywords is the crux of the game. When you use the right keywords, it can do wonders for a website, increase leads, sales, and show constant growth.
Once you have a keyword strategy in place, it is essential to use those keywords into headings, titles, subtitles, URLs, image alt text, and more.
Here are some benefits of keyword optimization:

    • Rank higher in the search engines like Google, Bing and more
    • Increase the list of your email subscribers
    • Other websites will link to your content, i.e., means more backlinks
    • Drive more qualified and authentic traffic to your website
    • A better understanding of what your audience is searching for

To conclude, backlink strategies and consistent link-building campaigns can help your site climb in the search engine rankings, but it’s also important that, you track the results to see which techniques have the most impact.

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