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COVID-19 and Transition to Remote Work Mode

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COVID-19 and Transition to Remote Work Mode


COVID -19 outbreak has highlighted the necessity of working from home for
certain types of jobs. Modern Apps for collaboration make working from home
easy. There are advantages and disadvantages with remote working. Also, when we
work from home, there are certain Do’s and Don’ts to follow. Let us have a look.

Do’s and Don’ts of remote working
Do’s of working from home

  • Consider the day of working from home office as a regular day of work in real office environment
  • Interact with work team members through Apps for collaboration
    efficiently. There are many such Apps available now in the market from free Apps to good Apps that we can purchase. These Apps provide platforms for communication for team members that can be accessed from desktop, laptop or cell phone. Some free collaboration Apps now available are Flock, Slack, Twist, Microsoft Teams, Hangouts etc.
  • Be committed to work
  • Meet tasks and deadline
  • Set up a good and simple home office at home with basic physical
    facilities to make work easy. The home office can be made a vibrant environment by keeping some plants in vases or fancy fish in a small tank,
    some paintings on wall or a good stereo music system. It will give a positive ambience to work without exhaustion and getting bored.
  • Try to isolate from home like avoiding visitors or banning interacting with kids
  • Take regular breaks
  • Exercise, Eat and drink well

Don’ts of working from home

  • XDon’t fill your office time at home office with your private time at home
  • XDo not allow visitors, kids and family members to interfere with your work
  • XDon’t spend time on social media, phone calls and leisure internet
  • XDon’t do household work during official work time when you are at home office.

Advantages of working from home

  • Working from home helps the employees to have flexible working time.
  • Employees will have less stress, less distraction, more productivity, better life work balance.
  • It helps employees to be close to the family and they can have better health as well.
  • The employees save daily commute time to work and save commuting expenses
  • Times like this, #WFH helps the employees reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19.

Disadvantages of working from home

  • Employees lose opportunity to socialize and can feel isolation if they don’t go to real office.
  • Distractions at home like visitors, family members or children interfering with work.
  • A lot of times, work time at home office and private time at home overlap each other.
  • Working from home results in employees lacking the physical office environment and there will be no face to face talk with colleagues.
  • Try to give a positive spin to all the above by doing things which keep you balanced – start a new hobby, read a book, do meditation etc.

Even without #COVID-19 outbreak, it is a time to rethink about our daily work setting in an unconventional way. Managers could consider the benefits of working from home and encourage working from home strategy for their employees in suitable jobs. With proper Apps for collaboration remote working can be more beneficial for both employees and employers. It’s time for everyone to rethink and implement work models with focus on Sustainability.
But lately, companies have been shifting away from work from home policy. The reason may be the cost associated with the of loss of productivity. But this #COVID-19 outbreak is a wake- up call for managers to rethink about remote work. Not every employee can work remotely without supervision and some work needs physical presence of the employees in the formal office setting. Employers must consider these aspects as well. But this current outbreak gives employers an opportunity to think twice about remote work – how it can be optimized and balanced and convert the same into a win-win situation.

Leaving you with a reminder to Do the Five, to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19

Wishing You All Happy& Mindful remote working!!!

About Author : Rajesh Shashi

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